“And He said unto them; Come follow me, I will make you fishers of men”.       Matthew 4: 19 and Mark 1:17

Jesus was able to commune with the people. He was taught by the wise of the wisest. Jesus was increased in wisdom and statue and was in favor with God and man. When Jesus said come follow me, those who heard understood and recognized the truth. “I will make you fishers of men” the net or bait was the words of God. To bring them back into the spirit of truth. To fulfill the will of God is to reconcile man back to the Creator. We are manifestation of God…the spirit of God dwell within us. To follow Jesus and become fishers of men; we must humble ourselves, repent and seek God in spirit and in truth.

Peace be with you,

Minister Bobbie Parks-Gaines

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  1. Tasha says:

    That is so true, to be fishers of men and to allow for Gods light to shine daily to allow men to come onto God the way that the physical fish come onto men. With physically fishing, fish come to the net or line not becuase of a big crowd, flashy lights or a dance of the net, but a simple glimpse of light. Follow Gods path and let your light shine, does not have to be a big flash just a simple 90watt bulp, man can see. The simplest of things we do day to day can show God in us.

    • TAAHCOG says:

      Thank You Tasha for your response to the scripture for the month. You are understanding the concept of Jesus teaching. When we learn truth and practice truth we are letting our light shine, which gets people attention and they want more bait (truth).

  2. Keeza says:

    Our purpose on this earth is to be fishers of men for God. To spread truth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. In order to become a ‘fisher’ for God in spreading the word you yourself must be taught. Jesus is an example of what we ought to be about. He lead by example. Jesus teachings reflected his everyday works. Its not only about hearing the truth, but living the truth.

    • TAAHCOG says:

      Thank You Keeza for your response. God is Great and His blessing is reflected in your life. God need faithful workers to teach the truth….continue to fish.

  3. Mushana says:

    Fisher of men simply mean that God has a duty for us as people to learn and gain knowledge and when we do so it is our duty to go out and help those that are seeking the same thing. Those who are not ready to accept truth will not grasp the beauty of gaining knowledge so therefore they will be left out in the cold, so a description of fisher of men is symbolic to what i was speaking of above and in a physical sense it means fish that are attracted to what they see will be caught and the fish that are not will go astray!! AMEN, AMEN AMEN!!

    • TAAHCOG says:

      Thank You Mushana for your response. I will also say “Amen”. Jesus was looking for help meet (workers) to help him to do God will.

  4. Raenna says:

    Thank God for all the knowledge we recieve each sunday. I am so happy we can apply our teachings to our everyday lives. I pray to God that more people would come into the truth and become fishermens!! 🙂

  5. Yvonne says:

    Fisher of Men means to me God created us to be in a free will world to choose who we are going to serve. Some of us want to serve God, some of us don’t and some don’t know who their creator is. The one who want to serve God studies their environment, study themselves and their Creator. So we choose to be fishermen to go out and catch the wandering souls; the ones who is confused about themselves and their purpose here on earth. God equiped our mind, body and soul with his spiritual truth to bring in the lost souls who is looking for their spiritual Creator.

    • Mushana says:

      Amen to that lovely reply sista yvonne, it is very true that everyone has the knowledge of truth but as you have stated it is US who decide which direction we want to take and from experience im taking the good, spiritual and guided direction because good things and positive things happen on the good road!!!

  6. Keeza says:

    I am just happy and truly bless to be able to say….I have made up my mind a long time ago to serve God. At a young age I knew and understood the importance of having God in my life and I am truly happy to be at a mental and spiritual level that serving God is sooo easy for me. There is no hesitation or temptation for me to stray or go contrary to serving God. I put God first in my life and although I may have my struggles and trials….by me serving the one and true God I am able to go thru what I have to go thru with ease. I have understanding and wisdom and know the workings of life…..I witness the hell I see others endure and its truly their own choice because they refuse to hear and heed to God….a peace of mind can only be obtained thru God alone….Our heaven and our hell is a state of our mind….we create our own worlds and I am happy to say I choose peace and my actions are in harmony with what I speak and the God I say I serve and believe in!!!!!

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