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“Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you”. Hosea 10:12

Seek always the word of God, planting seeds for yourselves in truth; for the Kingdom of God is within you.

We reap in the mercies of God loving-kindness, we must cultivate the emptiness in our minds, for its time to seek the Lord. Our pass has risen, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the truth has come, and the pouring down of God righteousness is upon us now.

Our minds have been left untilled through lack of education and cultivation. “My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge”

God Bless us always.


Minister Bobbie Parks-Gaines

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3 Responses to Scripture For the Month

  1. Keeza says:

    This scripture represents why I have made up my mind to serve God each and everyday. We cannot expect mercy and blessings and goodness from God without giving God our full selves, our 100%. God righteousness rains upon me everyday through the knowledge and wisdom I obtain and implementing His truths in my life so I can be a representative of His. Breaking up our fallow ground is opening up our minds and our hearts to receiving God truths. Everyday we should seek the Lord.

  2. Mushana says:

    Good evening minister and church participants, in regards to the monthly scripture for the month of November what that means to me is in life we reap what we sew which it can be good seeds or bad seeds. it is always our decision in terms of which road we choose, however the scripture above is speaking of sewing which is good and receiving the benefits of the great seed that was sewed. Lastly, God always wants the best for HIS people. This is what the scripture above means to me!!!

  3. STARR RAY says:

    How Blessed am I and my Son to see another new year (2012) and it’s just as much of a Blessings to have a relationship with such beautiful people of God (True people of God) like Yvonne McCoy,Keeza, Bobbie Parks(Gaines), Mushana, Barigye McCoy and the TAAHCOG spiritual family. All of these special people have been a light of truth and growth to my life since I met them as a young child. I say this in honorable greetings to them because it ties into what is revealed in my spirit from the scripture of the month. Which is, we as people who not only know of, but love and follow God and his truths through the doing of our purpose in life and how we live our lives, reflects what we are sowing as each day of our lives are lived. As I continue to do my best to mature in the truths and life style of spirit, I realize that the seeds we sow and birth from our thoughts, words, feelings, and deeds are as real as the Sun is in the sky. I have met so many people who don’t believe in the intangible, spiritual aspects of their life and they only seem to believe in the natural things they see and that’s all. From that view point they often have told me that the bad things that happen in their lives are because of a devil that they can’t see which gives them something to blame other than themselves when things aren’t harmoniuos or succeeding in their lives. In turn it gets to the point to where they act as if they don’t even see those things as realities that have manifested from their own decisions. I, myself, have learned that the goodness we sow in life is what will always show up in our lives and this grants us heavenly mercies and grace to get it right before we pass away from this life. It has shown me that the meaning of “breaking up your fallow ground” means die to the old ways of discord within ourselves, and become new soil that seeds may be planted into us to produce more life and be a blessing to others. It confirms that we are here to advance our life existence to new levels and regain that in which we may have lost before. In all, I must say it expresses this one truth “The attributes which we give away (sow), are the attributes we’ll always have in our lives.” Thank you all again so much for your works of the Kingdom. May God continue to RAIN DOWN on ALL of YOU Forever.

    Peace and “ONE LOVE”

    your kingdom building brother
    Cheif Visionary Imaginator

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