Scripture for the month: Jan 2012

“Neither shall they say, lo here! or lo there! for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you”. Luke 17:21

Brothers and Sisters, we are always in search of God Kingdom, the where about; we are constantly asking when will we see the Kingdom of God.

We’ve been taught to think in the flesh, not in the Spirit of God which is in us.

So when Jesus was asked, when should the Kingdom come, Jesus said in essence that the spirit need no observation.

Again I will say that not only is the Kingdom of God is within us, but it is us; we have the choice to be at peace within our heart (spirit) or to not be at peace.

Remember the Spirit of God dwells within us. God breathed in us life (Spirit of Himself), wisdom, knowledge, and understanding…made us to be living souls.

Peace Always

Minister Bobbie Parks-Gaines

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2 Responses to Scripture for the month: Jan 2012

  1. Keeza says:

    The kingdom of God is within you…it surely is. God lives within us. God is spirit. Our actions, our life, who we are should reflect the spirit of God. When we see ourselves and others see us they should see the spirit of God reflecting from us. Everything that we need to know and understand is within us…there is no need to wait until physical death and live in confusion…God is not a confusing God. He put Himself within us for there is no excuse to be of ignorance and act disorderly. He implemented His truths, His wisdom, His knowledge right into us. We just have to submit ourselves, our mind, body and soul 100% to God and God only and listen to our inner spirit to guide us righteously in the way we must go.

  2. Mushana says:

    I do believe the kingdom of God is within you, because we are able to become whoever we want to be as long as we believe in ourselves so that just clarifies that God is love and if you love your self then you also love the God within you and with him all things are possible! I believe people should really reflect on this scripture and know that it is impossible for things to happen for the positive if you believe the spirit of God resides else where.

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