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I give praises to Almighty God for your commitments, hard works, wisdom and knowledge. We have been blessed to reach another milestone. God gave us a vision, we were faithful to stay steadfast. To our visitors, we want to always give thanks to God for your support and prayers and your time, which we know is precious. May God continue to bless us in all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. That we are able to rule this thy people.


Minister Bobbie Parks-Gaines

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“And He said unto them; Come follow me, I will make you fishers of men”.       Matthew 4: 19 and Mark 1:17

Jesus was able to commune with the people. He was taught by the wise of the wisest. Jesus was increased in wisdom and statue and was in favor with God and man. When Jesus said come follow me, those who heard understood and recognized the truth. “I will make you fishers of men” the net or bait was the words of God. To bring them back into the spirit of truth. To fulfill the will of God is to reconcile man back to the Creator. We are manifestation of God…the spirit of God dwell within us. To follow Jesus and become fishers of men; we must humble ourselves, repent and seek God in spirit and in truth.

Peace be with you,

Minister Bobbie Parks-Gaines

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